Math Adventures and Word Play (MAWP) begins on October 1st at 10:30am.  This is a walk in program, no reservation required.  Please come with your school notebook and class books at 10:30am and sign in as required. Program runs from October 1st thru April 8th 2017.

Registration for Math Adventures & Word Play (MAWP), a community based (free) math and writing enrichment program, begins Saturday, October 1, 2016, at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church at 10:30AM. MAWP is in its fourteenth year serving the young people of Teaneck and those living throughout the New Jersey – New York metropolitan area. October 1st will be our initial registration and orientation session. We enroll both young scholars and volunteers continuously throughout the year. Volunteers may give as much or as little of their time as they like.

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MAWP consists of  programs for young scholars in the form of math, reading and writing enrichment and for parents through the Parent Voice Box Forum series.

Parent Voice Box (PVB)

Parent Voice Box is a program designed to help parents become better advocates for their children. This year’s PVB Workshop series included the following topics:

October 22, 2016

Managing Homework and Studying

Doing homework and studying are two different tasks. Helping families establish good study habits and deal with homework effectively are salient to academic success. Learn how to create a supportive environment for both.

November 12, 2016

The Parent Teacher Connection

Communicating with your child’s teacher is a very important part of student success. Find out how you can develop an effective partnership with your son or daughter’s teacher.

December 10, 2016

Beating the Bully

We all want a supportive and safe learning environment for our children. What do you do when a bully invades that safe place? Learn what you can do as a parent and student to cease the bullying.

January 21, 2017

Can You Teach Grit?

What is grit and can you teach it? Standardized test scores are not the best indicator for student success.  Rather confronting a challenge and sticking to it may have more merit. Come learn about a better measurement for academic success.


February 11, 2017

Movin’ On Up

Making the transition from elementary to middle school is not always a smooth ride. Gain knowledge on how to avoid some of the bumps in the road.


March 18, 2017

Selecting the Right College for Your Pocketbook  (Special Guest Speaker: Mr. Frank Andrisani)

How can you identify the best college for your son or daughter? Is the price tag of a college more important than the academic results? We will look at some important strategies to help you pick the right college for your pocketbook.


All workshops begin at 10:30am and run concurrent with the student enrichment programs (e.g., math, reading, writing).

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